Ryan Staniszeski

My Corner of Daylight



Blinded by lights, lights so bright

Protected by the dark knights

Sheltered by a world of hate

Too much, too soon, too late


…leave us alone


They don’t worry when matters belittle their keepers

And nothing can penetrate their guard

Their mind is their castle

And they feed from intangible realities


…leave us alone


Boundless and free as a bird

As one, they will not fall


…leave us alone, we’re innocent

Fly Away


Secrets fly away

No religion too

I never wanted to hurt you

I never wanted to hurt you


I passed your love today

This feeling never goes away

Now we reach back

Make eyes at the rest of the pack


I need this more than ever

Sip slowly from my cup

She’s stricken me from the only disease

I don’t believe she’s ever gonna come


…now she’s gone away

Negative Stone


Wishing away, secretly stern

Look on your face, permanent burn

Ever so slightly punched in the mouth

Do you remember Funky Dung or Father’s Shout?


You got steal in your eyes with passionate grin

Can’t figure out what got you in

Stare at the sun, shy from the moon

Tattered and torn from the dry winter gloom


Keeping it cool, call ‘purple eight’

Humming a tune you thought was ‘The Wait’

Sipping at straw, coming undone

Fearing throat, tumultuous tongue


Did you punch in late? Clock in drunk?

Slept on the shore stinking of stunk

Lost in a shadow, caught in a dream

Clearing the post, try to redeem


Arduous task, falling from grace

Negative stone, try to erase

Put out the feelers, asking too soon

Old Uncle Charley, swung right thru